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Our Primary Goal is to Distribute Our
Relevant Findings as Widely as Possible


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Homosexuality Main Points


1.  The authors of this Website are not homophobic.  We are sincerely interested in the well-being of every gay man, lesbian, and bisexual.  We fully support gay rights and equality


2.  As difficult and unfair as social prejudices and stigma are to live with, other, older, more core-level, negative, personal and family issues are the primary source of a homosexual's ongoing inner pain and instability.


3.  Unless negative personal and family problems are properly identified and addressed, no amount of social change will significantly affect a homosexual's negative experience.

All the gays we interacted with admitted to having been sexually abused by both their parents during most of their growing up years.
  Double-parent incest plays a hidden role and is the primary source of a homosexual's reactions and pain.

Abusive and traumatic family experiences ,and suppressed and repressed unresolved memories turn every gay person into a "ticking time bomb"  set to explode given proper environmental triggers.


6GLBs are like every other human being, except for the fact that they have survived a particularly difficult mental, emotional, and sexual childhood and teenage years, at the hands of extremely selfish, controlling, unloving parents.  Their sexual orientation is a selfish reaction to that experience.

Homosexuals are not different;
they have just had different family experiences.



Our Primary Goal is to Distribute Our
Relevant Findings as Widely as Possible


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True for Many Book

This book will contain Gay Men, Lesbian, and Bisexual Case Studies by Jean Mastellone



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Our Mission


To help break historic taboos and expose deeply hidden family truths.  We do this because every homosexual experiences ongoing pain due to their choices to hide and deny crucial negative facts about themselves and their parents.  Current societal attitudes, and the belief that "homosexuals are born that way," are not only a lie, they serve to seal every homosexual into an airless tomb that he or she foolishly supports in order to gain acceptance from others.


To offer original information about psychological causes of homosexual behavior patterns, drives, and urges. It is our intention that this core-level information will advance understanding and lead to effective, positive therapies and self-healing.


The Key Message 


Dark family truths surfaced during interactions Neil Mastellone had with dozens of gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals.   Jean Mastellone's clairvoyant observations and insights show that four key factors are typically present when a male or female is actively homosexual.


The Four Key Causal Factors of Homosexuality

1. Long-term sexual abuse by both the homosexual's mother and father (or parent-substitute).


2. Strong basic selfish negative agreements with a same-sex sexually abusive parent; perceiving that parent as a "friend" and his or her sexual abuse as "love."


3. Strong energetic opposition to the opposite-sex sexually abusive parent; perceiving that parent as an "enemy" and his or her sexual abuse as "control."


4. Strong selfish reaction on the part of the abused child or teenager to his or her long-term double-parent incestuous experiences.


If the abused child or teenager does not react strongly to his or her abusive parents, that person will likely act-out bisexually or be heterosexual with latent or suppressed homosexual tendencies.


It will be worth a visitor's time to read some of the posted articles about homosexuality.  The articles contain truly new perspectives and insights.


What we discovered challenges every accepted view of the cause of  homosexual behavior.  We offer the information in the best interest of homosexuals everywhere.  A historic cover-up and the widespread denial of embarrassing family sexual realities are causing homosexuals ongoing mental and emotional distress and pain.


Read Key Facts about Homosexuality


A Special Message


Candid admissions about family experiences that emerged from Neil's interactions with several gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals, led Jean to clairvoyantly investigate homosexual and bisexual behavior.  Jean's readings revealed subconscious psychological agreements and reactions related to shocking parental sexual interactions.  (See the case study samples posted to this Website). 


Behind the scenes, a large number of  parents of GLB children have been hard at work fighting social injustices and discrimination their GLB children face.  For those efforts, these parents should be applauded.  However, for almost forty years, their powerful, politically-active parent-activist groups have been influencing government, medical, and public opinion with self-interested "causes" of homosexuality that have successfully removed them and their abusive choices out of the spotlight.


These parents and like-minded members of the medical community have convinced most people that the cause of homosexuality is due to "genetics."  However, none of the studies claiming to have discovered and isolated a “homosexual gene” have ever been replicated or proven valid. 


In addition, the psychiatric and psychological establishment insists that the main source of a homosexual's pain comes from outside of the gay person and is due to "social stigma and discrimination."  Social stigma, discrimination, and the shameful ways homosexuals are treated in society are painful, but these are not the main sources of a homosexual's pain.  Believing so, evades the real issues homosexuals should be dealing with--issues that resulted from double-parent incest and a sexually abusive childhood.

Our research shows that the main sources of a homosexuals pain are self-induced.  Homosexual behavior and the bulk of the mental and emotion pain that accompanies it, is caused by the GLB's own wrong, reactive, selfish choices, choices made in reaction to their parents' wrong, unloving choices.  This is true for every person's mental and emotional pain regardless of sexual-orientation. 


Much to their detriment, GLBs are subconsciously triggering, and willfully, defiantly, and reactively are enacting, destructive intentions, negative agreements, and selfish behavior patterns. 


What You Will Find on this Site

  • Challenging and insightful articles about homosexuality. 

  • Clairvoyant case studies samples generated by Jean Mastellone.  These studies reveal hidden subconscious parent-related factors that negatively affect a GLB's ongoing life experience.

  • Reasonably priced books jam-packed with information that enhances understanding about our humanity, disorders, and self-healing. 


             Where the Information Came From

The information emerged during a 30-year independent research project whose objective was to discover the true source of negative human behavior and negative experience. 


Neil Mastellone has directed the project and interacted in the field with many hundreds of deeply troubled and highly reactive "friends."  He freely offered his time and provided understanding about mental, emotional, behavioral, sexual problems, and self-healing. 


Jean Mastellone can see deeply into the human subconscious mind.  She joined the project and has assisted Neil since 1989.  To date, she has generated over 1200 psychological case studies, including numerous reports about psychological interactions she observed occurring between fetuses, infants, and their mothers and fathers, starting from early inside the womb.



Read Key Facts



Homosexual Case Studies

Clairvoyant Jean Mastellone, since joining the research project in 1989, has generated over 1200 full-length psychological case studies on individuals suffering a variety of mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual disorders. 


The following are samples of 56 homosexual case studies we plan to include in several books.  Samples will be periodically rotated on this Website.


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Gay Men



Gay Couples









Homosexuality Articles

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Statement about Homosexuality

Dangerous Attitudes about AIDS

A Clairvoyant’s View

Homosexuality and Child-to-Parent
A Clairvoyant’s View

Homosexuality and Subconscious Drives”
A Clairvoyant’s View


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Unborn babies are extremely perceptive and psychologically sophisticated. They understand and suffer greatly from their parent's subconscious negative psychological intentions, thoughts, and feelings.


The causes of autism are not biological.  The true causes of autistic symptoms are subconscious, psychological, and parent-related.


Incest is a deeply hidden reality affecting the majority of families.  Reaction to incest underlies every serious mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual disorder we have investigated.


Even abortions performed in a modern medical facility are not "safe."  Parents who abort a baby always suffer painful mental and emotional aftereffects. 


Cutting-edge information that challenges scientific-medical views that wrongly treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders as "biological diseases."

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